Point of Focus: The Problems of a World Without God

The existence of evil has long been considered a problem for those who believe in God. But does taking God out of the equation make more sense out of the world, or less? The latest edition of Point of Focus takes a look:



  1. Judy And Bill Sheppard said:

    Well done. We are moving to Columbia and seeking to be involved in sharing TRUTH in this manner. My husband and I are facilitators of The Truth Project beginning in 2006. Bravo!

  2. Anna Gross said:

    Evil exist in men’s hearts. You may question how can God allow evil if He is all loving, merciful…..His question might be to us….Why did you allow evil to exist? The scripture says that the heart is deceitfully wicked. Which is why God provided a Savior…His son to save us….from ourselves!

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