Point of Focus: Everyone’s a Music Critic

Everyone tends to have opinions about music in church. This month’s Point of Focus has a few thoughts on how to smooth the edges of your inner critic.


  1. Steve Cozette said:

    Good commentary, Nathan. I had my music many years ago and, as you said, it was probably a turn-off to the generations older than me. So I am content to leave it to our talented music staff to decide what is and is not good music. The young people are the future and should be well served, but perhaps not exclusively. As you also said, some of the old “hymns” will probably survive forever. I think, though, they will not learn them at the Crossing. I can count the number of “hymns” (lyrics and melody) per month I hear at the Crossing on just a few fingers. Sometimes I ask myself after having sung or tried to sing a song whether it was intended for corporate worship, or whether it was a song a best sung by performers, which I am not. I’m not being critical, just wondering if there is a demographic balance of some sort that we would do well to consider. Thanks, Nathan, for speaking on this difficult and often emotional subject.

  2. Anna said:

    Nathan, I loved your commentary. I have heard some of the comments that you mentioned. I love our music…why I love our music. I love the old songs, but I also love the new songs. When the words are posted up on the screen, I try to focus on the words…what they really mean to me. They help me to worship. And that is the reason for music…it helps us to worship…it is a call to worship. It releases the heart to worship…and I think that is why God gave us music. Throughout the old testament it is used in worship. Some churches use the stage for a performance…totally leaves the individual out of the worship experience. I can go to concerts…but that is not why I come to church. I love the fact that the Crossing encourages everyone to worship in song…in the words of the song….accompanied by the talent of the musicians leading us in the worship.

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