POF: What You Really Want

Have you ever noticed that, no matter what you have, you always want more? What are we supposed to do with this seemingly unfulfillable desire? This month’s Point of Focus takes a look:


  1. Karen said:


  2. Anonymous said:

    One of the many things I like about tithing is that it relieves me some of caring about what I could buy. I could drive a new Cadillac and hire a maid with what I spend on tithes. I drive an old Toyota and chose not to dust too often. John Jay said that no successful civilization has survived without Judeo-Christian values many years ago. To me that’s worth more than what I drive. I think the fact that I’ve gotten more from the spirit and the gospel than I would from a car means something. And since it’s a choice I’ve made it helps me move on to looking at other things rather than feel trapped in what I can buy. To be human is to aspire for more. When they kill your humanity or make your fear the crowd, they kill your aspirations. I still whip myself for what I didn’t write, follow through on, achieve, resist evil on … and my general inability to prevail, but to aspire is human. I just don’t aspire for “things” so much because tithing has taught me that more will come and my “in”come grows from the fruit of the spirit more than from the fruit of my hand.

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