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3 Things You Should Know About Student Ministries’ Jamaica Trip

The Crossing Student Ministries returned from a mission trip to Harmons, Jamaica nearly a week ago. 47 students, parents, and leaders spent 8 days in rural Jamaica serving Jamaicans. Here are a few lessons I took away that I think you should too. 1. Teens and Parents Really Do Like Each Other Across Columbia this

The Teen Perspective on the Jamaica Mission Trip

As one of the parents who traveled to Jamaica with The Crossing, I think I speak for many of us when I say that sharing the experience with my own daughters had a deep impact on me – as a mother, certainly, but also as a believer in God’s Word. I found that, taken out

Called to Jamaica

Submitted by Robin May, Guest Writer In the early morning hours of June 20, 47 members of The Crossing – made up of teens, parents and leaders – embarked on a journey to Harmons, Jamaica. Our primary goal was to simply serve the Jamaicans, and our prayer was that we would do so selflessly and

The Crossing’s Mission Trip to Jamaica

In just mere hours The Crossing Student Ministries will be taking 47 people to Harmons, Jamaica for a mission trip (don’t bother Googling it…Harmons is so small it doesn’t show up. It’s in Manchester Parish). The 47 are comprised of a few leaders, and then close to half and half students and parents. While down

The Senior High’s Trip to Jamaica

This blog’s been a little dead as of late. Lots of vacations for many of the guys, but for Luke and I, we were in Jamaica for about 8 days. Sounds like a vacation, sure. But it wasn’t. It was a mission trip where we took 18 students and 7 adults to Harmons, Jamaica.Many of

Jamaica Update From Luke

We are posting updates from Jamaica under the Features section of our home page. I received this most recent one from Luke about an hour ago and I thought that in order to get it up quickly, I would post it here too. After you read this, please take a moment to pray for the

Cor Update: 2017 in Review

As we look back on 2017, and scroll through pictures and videos of all the things we have been able to experience with the Cor guys, we can’t help but stop and realize all the support and love people have poured into Cor and our students throughout the year. Since our last update in the Spring of 2017, so much has happened. We have walked through hard situations with kids, cheered them on during athletic competitions and academic achievements, and have watched them grow into a family of boys that support and encourage each other like brothers. We know that none of this would be possible without people like you, and for that we are incredibly thankful. Enjoy a glimpse of what life has been like at Cor for the last 6 months, and thank you again for all of the food, tutoring, encouraging talks, financial support, and love you have poured into Cor this year! – Travis, Angie and Jared

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Jamaica Mission Trip

10 Prayers for Ministries, Missions and Partners:

Here are 10 ways to pray for The Crossing’s ministries, missions and partners this week: Pray for those leading For Columbia teams and for those preparing to serve this coming Sat., April 29th. Pray also for those who will receive the service of these volunteers. 48 local churches. Over 2,000 volunteers. Dozens of work sites.

Mission Spotlight: Cor

Cor is one of The Crossing’s local ministry partners. Cor programs holistically serve male student-athletes working to transform futures by providing access to opportunities and resources students need to succeed.

Cor   Stats:Athletics icon pic 1

  • 40 high school student-athletes
  • 10 middle school student-athletes
  • Academic coaching and tutoring: provided by 30 volunteers
  • Meals: 4 days a week: provided by 9 small groups or individuals
  • Administrative support: provided by 5 volunteers

Cor has a highly relational focus in 3 main areas:

Mission Spotlight: Overview Part 2

Columbia, Missouri is a launchpad kind of town. As graduating classes from our multiple campuses head off into the wider world each year, former members of The Crossing spread like seeds on the wind.