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Quick Reads and Practical Helps: ‘Experiencing Divorce’ by H. Norman Wright

In a perfect world, everyone going through the painful, trauma-filled experience of divorce would set aside time to attend a local DivorceCare support group. But, of course, the world we live in is far from perfect, and many people who could benefit from the excellent information offered as part of those weekly meetings may not

Know Anyone Who’s Dreading the Holidays?

I recently ran into a friend who confided in me his grief over a friend’s disintegrating marriage. My friend has been married for decades, but even though divorce in the United States occurs in roughly¬†half of all marriages, I was struck by how shocked and sad he was when faced with the reality of a

Damage, Beauty and Faithful Remembrance

One of the more astonishing passages, for me, in the account of John the Apostle is the rather-morbid moment when the doubts of the disciple Thomas are erased forever by his coming quite literally in contact with the torn-flesh wounds on the hands, feet and side of the risen Jesus. Most of the time, I

The Apologetic of Listening Well

Human beings, by nature, seek after meaning…but why? No other creature on Earth ever bothers itself with wondering why it is here; apart from human beings, the chief concern of every other animal seems to be eating and (significantly) not getting eaten. Once the scramble for food, clothing and shelter is over, only human beings

A time to pursue, and a time to refrain from pursuing.

As the holidays come around each year, it’s a common phenomenon to find yourself revisiting those relationships in life that are in “less than ideal” condition. Thanksgiving and Christmas, in particular, tend to cast a long shadow on unresolved relational discord; everyone around us may be cheerfully – and relentlessly! – encouraging us to enjoy

Nov. 21st at The Crossing: ‘Surviving the Holidays’

If you are a regular reader of The Crossing‘s Every Square Inch blog, you may have noticed that every holiday season either my husband or I post something about Surviving the Holidays, a two-hour seminar developed to help those going through separation and divorce. I sometimes wonder if we should stop posting the same message

Distressed Gardens and Chaotic Lives

I love to garden. I think it’s fascinating and thoroughly satisfying to put tiny little plants in the ground and watch them, with some careful tending, grow into flourishing flowers or prolific herbs. I really enjoy seeing flower beds that are thriving, plants competing for space in my little corner of the world. And I