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Point of Focus: What Is Freedom For?

This month’s Point of Focus takes a closer look at a popular but problematic view of freedom:


POF Easter Edition: Dying As the King

Have you ever noticed that the time in which Jesus seems the most vulnerable—his betrayal, arrest, and crucifixion—actually demonstrates that he’s the King over all things? Take a look:

POF: Who Are You to Judge?

“Who are you to judge?” It’s a sentiment we apply to other people all the time. But are we aware of what it means for our own lives? More below:

Point of Focus: How Big is Your God?

POF Advent Edition: A Light in the Darkness

Point of Focus for December 2013 from The Crossing on Vimeo.

POF: Giving Thanks in the Midst of the Whirlwind

This month’s Point of Focus looks at how God’s grace meets us in the midst of our busyness…through the practice of giving thanks.

Point of Focus: Everyone is a Theologian

Do you think of yourself as a theologian? You should. This month’s POF discusses why.

Point of Focus for October 2013 from The Crossing on Vimeo.