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The Culture of Self-Promotion

David Brooks, a columnist for the NYT whom I read as often as possible, had a great column in Tuesday’s edition titled, High-Five Nation. In it he contrasts the recent self-promotion and blatant egocentric outbursts we have seen amongst celebrities lately with the more humble, understated culture of a previous generation. Brooks writes: When you

Tuesday Miscellanea

A collection of the interesting, useful, and beautiful from this week on the web. Enjoy. 1. Though undoubtedly an incredible performer and artist, the National Review Online asks if we should be comfortable calling Michael Jackson an American “Icon.” Good question. Jonah Goldberg writes: But let’s pause for a moment on that word “icon.” It

Evangelism in Post-Christian America

America is our mission field. We have been sent to this place by God. How do I know? Because we are here, therefore this is where God has sent us. In my blog last Tuesday I highlighted the recent conversation about “Post-Christian” America. Both Newsweek and Mark Driscoll seem to agree that America is, indeed,

Post Christian America

Many of you may have probably seen the feature story that ran in Newsweek titled ‘The End of Christian America.’ Jon Meacham sites statistics that show that in the last 20 years individuals identifying themselves as Christians have fallen 10 percentage points in our country and Americans claiming no religious affiliation have doubled since 1990.

Mark in 2 Acts

One of the most amazing things about the Bible is that you can read the same books over and over again throughout your life and each time make new discoveries, draw new connections, see more truth. One piece of advise I have found helpful in order to glean more insight from books you have already

Book Recomendation: Gilead

I am always highly irritated by people who imply that writing fiction is an escape from reality. It is a plunge into reality. –Flannery O’Connor Nathan’s post from last week reminded me of the need for continually reading good books in order to flourish in life and faith. One tip he mentioned was to “stretch

The most rational faith

You are the most faithful person you know. That is not a poorly worded question. That is a fact. You and I are full of faith. We base our entire lives on faith – on trust. We do not go 5 minutes in a day without actively staking every decision we make on faith. It