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Redefining Marriage Undefines Marriage

In a recent Huffington Post opinion piece Lisa Haisha, a hollywood therapist, encouraged couples to redefine, by mutual consent, monogamy out of marriage. We live too long to be expected to find sexual satisfaction in one partner, so we should be open minded and invite our spouses to enjoy other wares. Fifty percent of all married

Interesting People are Interested People

A wise man said, “Interesting people are interested people.” It’s true right? Who do we love to spend time with? Who do we want to call up randomly for dinner or a drink? Someone who’s engaged, who nods and “mmhmms” and laughs and asks questions. Someone who carries the conversation, sharing personal stories, and drawing

Instagramming My Inner Demons

Please excuse me; this is the pot calling the kettle black. Currently I operate not one, but two Instagram accounts. Every night, just before falling asleep, I peruse an endless feed of images. Picture after picture, set into vignettes of sepia-toned antiquity that turn mundane moments into cultural artifacts. That’s the draw of Instagram, isn’t

The 450th Birthday of B.S.

Excuse my pun above, but I think The Bard would appreciate it. It is, in fact, the 450th birthday of William (Bill) Shakespeare. But, alas!, his writing is now relegated to the classroom, and viewed by the populous as a form of punishment. Today we remember the greatest dramatist who ever lived as a snobbish,

Why I struggle to return to God after I sin (again and again and again)

She described in painful detail how Multiple Sclerosis upturned her life. I heard her story on NPR. Once active and fit, it took only three years impair her ability to exercise, enjoy a walk around a museum, and even help herself to a glass from the cupboard. With profound honesty she shared the hardest part

I’m a Doubter (Are You Too?)

We finished breakfast before our conversation ended. My friend shared a laundry list of doubts about God, Christianity, the Bible, science, philosophy, and world religions. His questions sprawled like trails in the wilderness. They crossed, connected, diverged. He wasn’t a skeptic, but a devout Christian leader. He wasn’t searching to abandon his faith, but to

A Sleep Drug Wakes Us Up To the Great Gender Dilemma

Lets begin with a popular thought: men and women are fundamentally the same. Although they don’t share reproductive organs and a few pesky hormones, they are basically the same. Everything we associate with “gender” is a social construct. Boys play with Tonka trucks, and girls play with Barbies, because we teach them to. What we