Andrew Ahn’s Address In Prison

moshannon-lgOn Monday, June 6, after eating lunch at Subway with his brother, Andrew Ahn checked himself in to Moshannon Valley Correctional Center in central Pennsylvania where he will serve a 30 month sentence for two felony convictions. On a recent Sunday morning Andrew had a chance to share his story with The Crossing, and if you weren’t there, I recommend it to you.

I’ve had friends suffer from disease, go through divorces, and watch helplessly as their children experience great hardship, but I’ve never had a friend leave for prison. I’m not saying that it’s worse than those other things. It isn’t. But it is different. A significant complication is that since Andrew isn’t a U. S. citizen after he serves his sentence, he may be deported.

Andrew going to prison has led me to reflect on biblical stories that take place in prison. Joseph was refined in prison. Samson was chastened. John the Baptist grew discouraged. Paul and Silas sang praises. Much of the New Testament was written in prison. Paul shared Christ with the guards watching him while under arrest.

In the Bible it’s common for people to be imprisoned unjustly. Anyone who’s heard Andrew share his story knows that’s not his situation. He plead guilty to crimes committed years before he became a Christian. But regardless of why a person is in prison, we can be confident that God is still with them and he’s still working. Prison walls don’t keep God out.

What You Can Do For Andrew?

1. Pray. Ask God to encourage him, allow Andrew to speak with his three young boys on the phone, give him patience to endure, and favor with the other inmates. Pray that these 30 months would be a time of spiritual growth in his life. Pray that Andrew would be a light in what I’m sure is a dark and difficult place. Perhaps God will use him to bring others to Christ. And of course pray that he won’t be deported but instead will be able to return to Columbia and maintain his relationship with his boys.

2. Write. Jesus commended Christians who visited people in prison saying that, “whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me (Matthew 25:36, 40).” Given prison rules and the distance between us and Andrew the best way to visit is to write him. Below you’ll find his address. Email isn’t an option. Don’t send books or anything really. The rules are strict and a few close friends are keeping him supplied with reading material.

Another friend who was in prison said that the hardest battles were fought against loneliness and boredom. So come alongside and tell Andrew about your life, your family, what your summer is going to look like. Share with him how you serve in the church or what you love about your small group. Ask him to share with you what he’s learning or ask him about his kids. Andrew is one of the smarter and more interesting people that I know. There’s not many topics he can’t talk intelligently about. If you’re a baseball nut, tell him the trade that you think that the Cardinals (or any team) should make but be prepared for him to respond with lots of data and analytics.

Andrew Ahn

BOP #68550-066 B4

Moshannon Valley Correctional Center

555 GEO Drive

Phillipsburg, PA 16866

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