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Honduras 2017: Photos and Stories

Here are photos and stories from the Honduras Mission Team. Pray for their safe travels back to COMO today and for the people they served this week. The local churches and the World Gospel Outreach long term mission team members will follow up with the people the team served to continue addressing their physical and spiritual needs.

Honduras Team: Spring Break 2017

Next Saturday, March 25th, 15 team members will leave for Honduras to minister alongside World Gospel Outreach (wgoreach.org). The team will return one week later, arriving in Columbia after midnight March 31st.

Dan Carmichael, a returning team member, is serving as Team Leader for the first time this year. He will be supported in leadership by several returning team members including Sarah Kohnle who served as Team Leader on several previous trips. Two team members are going to Honduras ahead of schedule to extend their time in-country.

Prayer Requests:
Although Honduras is a dangerous and corrupt place, there has never been a violent incident with any of the teams. Our hosts make sure the North American teams stick together and armed guards watch over us while we serve. Most times, the peace of God flows over the people standing in line and everyone is patient.

Please pray for:

  • continued peace
  • healthy bodies
  • safe surroundings
  • the ability to reach and minister for Christ.

Team Demographics:

  • 15 person team
    • 11 from The Crossing
    • 4 from Montgomery City
  • 8 women going and 7 men.
    • Oldest man: 65 years old
    • Oldest woman: 58 years old
    • Youngest man: 20 years old
    • Youngest woman: 19 years old
  • 3 married couples
    • One couple is in their 40s
    • One couple is in their 30s
    • One couple is in their 20s.

The 2017 team will be participating in all the same ministry activities as previous teams. Below is a description excerpted from last year’s ESI post:

Honduras Team: Update

DSC_6670Members of The Crossing traveled over Spring Break with the Honduras Team. This update shares photos and thoughts from team members. There will be a more extended Team Reflection time this Sunday, April 24th,  at 11am in Room 315 (Student Center.) Drop by during 3rd Service to see photos and hear team stories.

Honduras Team: Spring Break Trip


For six years, members of The Crossing have been traveling on mission to Honduras.

This year, the Honduras Team will again be traveling during Spring Break: March 26-April 2. Please pray for them this week as they prepare to leave and during the entirety of their trip.

Below are descriptions of their team activities and challenges provided by Sarah Kohnle, the Team Leader. This is her 6th mission trip to Honduras and her 4th trip as Team Leader.

Team demographics:

We are taking 14 (two men and 12 women this year) including a three-generation family group this year. In addition to members from the Crossing, we will have people from Jefferson City, New Florence and St. Louis. Ages range from 20 to 76. The majority of people are first-timers, mostly without medical expertise.

The threat of the Zika virus caused us to scramble a little as people needed to withdraw for medical reasons, but our group is back up to full strength.

Mission Spotlight: Honduras Overview


For several years, The Crossing has been sending short-term mission teams to Honduras. This overview of Honduras will provide an introduction to the country as a whole.

10 Prayers for Ministries, Missions and Partners:

Here are 10 ways to pray for The Crossing’s ministries, missions and partners this week: Pray for those leading For Columbia teams and for those preparing to serve this coming Sat., April 29th. Pray also for those who will receive the service of these volunteers. 48 local churches. Over 2,000 volunteers. Dozens of work sites.

Exploring Medical Missions Conference: Kansas City, MO

overview-full2016 EMMC Flyer

2016 Exploring Medical Missions Conference: The Evidence Behind Medical Missions

If you are a health professional or student interested in medical missions, this is the conference for you.

  • It’s less than 2 hours away and very reasonably priced.
  • It’s CME & CNE accredited
  • This conference excels at pairing practical skill labs with didactic learning.
  • It is loaded with opportunities to learn, network and get inspired. I have so many colleagues who have benefited from attending this conference. Some have gone on to attend other INMED accredited programs. Others are now serving in fulltime medical missions around the globe.
  • Whether you are eager to get started or are already a fulltime or short-term missionary, this medical missions conference has MUCH to offer you.
  • It is hosted by INMED (Institute for International Medicine) which was started by Dr. Comninellis, one of my family medicine professors and mentors at UMKC.
  • Vimeo Recap of 2015 EMMC

Registration/costs: Early Bird registration OPEN thru March 1, 2016
Conference Schedule:

Mission Spotlight: Overview Part 2

Columbia, Missouri is a launchpad kind of town. As graduating classes from our multiple campuses head off into the wider world each year, former members of The Crossing spread like seeds on the wind.

Those Crazy Christians Are At It Again

So a woman my wife and I know approached me at the gym one morning this week and wanted to tell me a story about a kid at the school she’s works at whose life is really turning around. For reasons that I’m sure you’ll understand, I won’t share anything too specific but let’s say