January, 2012

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Monthly Archives: January 2012

What Your Heaven Looks Like and Why It Matters

Quick, what’s heaven look like in your mind?  Your first impression likely speaks volumes about your theology, so to speak, of God’s coming kingdom. Admittedly, though, I’ve already prejudiced your answer with the way I’ve asked the question.  While it’s true that most Christians think reflexively of “heaven” as the place where God will spend

Does Anyone Ever Really Change?

As someone working primarily in marital and/or substance abuse ministries at The Crossing, almost all of the people that I spend time with are very much genuinely interested in change. They already are, by and large, committed to the idea that “something has got to give.” Perhaps the change they believe is needed is someone

Songs and Scenes from Sunday, January 29, 2012

This week’s Songs and Scenes review features photos graciously provided by Scott Myers. You’ll find links in the song titles that will allow you to purchase recorded versions of the songs where available. All Creatures of Our God and King – Words by Francis of Assisi (cir­ca 1225), Arrangement by David Crowder All creatures of

Get Your Kids a Nook

If you have children, I am pretty sure you have struggled with how to balance the mass onslaught of technological noise vying for your child’s attention. Xbox, Nintendo, Playstation, Ipod, Ipad, etc. A recent study found that children between the ages of 8 to 18 spend 53 hours a week on electronic media. Technology is

John Wesley: Man of Contradictions

This morning I finished a biography on John Wesley (the founder of Methodism) by Stephen Tomkin. It’s a relatively short book that’s very well written and manages to paint a picture of both Wesley’s strengths and weaknesses. If your paradigm for Christian leaders (or anyone for that matter) is that they are either “good” or

Praying With The Psalms – Psalm 111

I often will turn to a Psalm in the Bible to help my prayer time with God in the morning. Like anyone, I find some Psalms more applicable to my life at the moment than others. For example, some Psalms are rather intense pleas for God’s deliverance from and judgment of the psalmist’s “enemies” (see

A Fusion of Art and Faith: Makoto Fujimura

Golden Fire If I asked you to consider the facets of our society in which Christians are a significant redemptive influence, my hope is that you would be able to think of several possibilities. I doubt, however, that many of us would include the world of contemporary art at the top of the list. Before