February, 2010

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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Don’t Just Keep Eating Your Dinner

The Haiti earthquake is now over a month behind us. Have you forgotten? To one degree or another I’m sure almost all of us have forgotten, we certainly aren’t as emotionally distraught as we were four weeks ago. Is that okay? At one level, of course it is. If the emotional toil which tragedies affect

Music, T-Shirts and Bumper Stickers

I have had what I consider to be a fortunate upbringing. My parents are believers who lived out the gospel daily in front of me through both their actions and their words. You could accurately say I was raised in the church. My early years were a blessing in that I was spared much of

Love Languages: Now For The Bad

The Love Language series by Gary Chapman has become one of the more popular and even influential set of books on relationships within the Christian (and even non-Christian) community. While there are helpful aspects of the books which I’ve personally benefited from, I’m not sure that the book is all that profitable. In fact, I

True/False and The Crossing’s Philosophy of Ministry

Now that this is our second year of sponsoring the True Life Film of the True/False Film Festival, probably most people that are part of The Crossing understand why we want to be involved with True/False. But for the benefit of those who are new to The Crossing in the past year, or for those

A Cure for Grumbling in the Wilderness

Events had led me to the conclusion that I was experiencing a proverbial “no good, terrible, very bad day.” I can specifically point to the major problem being a broken refrigerator, which had led, in turn, to a major change in expectations for my day off. If memory serves, the discovery that our hot water

Embracing Helplessness as a Spiritual Discipline

We have all experienced those absolutely dreadful moments when we run full-on into The Situation That Simply Will Not Be Managed (TSTSWNBM), the stubborn face of our waking reality – at high noon on a sunny day – staring back at us impassively, completely unimpressed with our efforts to circumvent…and absolutely impervious to our attempts

Disclaimer: Observations on Tiger Woods’ Statement

I’m not here to dissect his statement yesterday. Many have ripped it to shreds as nothing more than a PR move which contained no sincerity. Others have called it the greatest celebrity apology in memory. My point in discussing this is not to weigh in on that argument. But before we start I will say