January, 2010

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Monthly Archives: January 2010

Confessions of a Fool

Submission isn’t a popular topic or concept in our society. To be honest, I don’t really like talking about submission either (unless, of course, the submission in question is someone submitting to me). But the Bible talks about it frequently. Let me begin with a quote I read this week. Russell Moore is a pastor

Do I Really “Need” an iPad?

I really got a kick out of Dave’s message the Sunday before last where he attempted to pass off a device that weighed food as a new Apple iPad. I have to admit I initially thought he was telling the truth. I know Dave has some acquaintances with connections at Apple and as I already

What REALLY helps the poor?

Social justice is all the rage in many churches across America. And rightly so. The Bible is pretty clear on the subject. Last fall I read through the Old Testament and I was (again) surprised by the importance that the Bible puts on helping the poor. In fact one of the main reasons that the

“The Book of Eli” with Denzel Washington

Without wanting to give away too much about the new film, “The Book of Eli,” Denzel Washington plays a kind of Jedi-Christian who is carrying out an assignment he believes he’s received from God, thirty-something years after a nuclear holocaust destroyed civilization. It’s sort of like Luke Skywalker meets Mad Max and the Thunderdome. That

Praying for Haiti, Crossing Volunteers

As Dave mentioned on Sunday, three members of The Crossing are among the many volunteers seeking to help with those devastated by the earthquake in Haiti. Both pediatrician Holly Bondurant and nurse anesthetist Mark Gortmaker are already in country and will be working at a hospital in northern Haiti for the next few days. (For

Seeking Christ’s Rich Blessing of a Boring Backstory

It’s no secret that redemption is one of the most frequently-employed dramatic themes of many successful films and books. Because God has hard-wired all of us to seek redemption, nothing seems to please audiences more than that fateful moment when (for example) the handsome-but-selfish jerk is finally confronted with the error of his ways and

Rickets and Abortion

I read something this week that said every blog post should have a catchy title. So there you go, I’ve now fulfilled that requirement. My alternate title was “What I found interesting this week,” and I found two topics particularly intriguing, the first one deals with rickets (sort of) and the second abortion. The Kaiser