February, 2009

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Monthly Archives: February 2009


It’s weird how this blog, for me, has begun to morph into a confessional booth. I end up being pretty open with all of you who read this. But, most of the time, this is what I like to write about: the things I’m struggling with. In this continued strain comes this week’s post… Consistent

Light and Momentary Afflctions?

The apostle Paul to the church at Corinth: “For this light momentary affliction is preparing for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison” (2 Cor. 4:17). I’ve found myself thinking lately about what I consider to be a rather arresting phrase in this verse. Paul describes the difficulty he is experiencing as “light

Do The Psalms Read Like Fox News?

The Crossing’s church-wide Bible reading plan seems to be going well in that people of all ages (many for the first time) are systematically reading through the New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs. One of the benefits of reading widely in the Bible is that you are exposed to parts of Scripture that you haven’t read

Why The Crossing is a Sponsor for True/False

A question I get from people who attend The Crossing is, “Why would we give church money to something like the True/False Film Festival?” They ask it either as a result of hearing The Crossing’s name mentioned as a sponsor in ads for the T/F festival, or from listening to my sermon last Sunday. And

How to Watch a Movie for All Its Worth

As Dave preached on Sunday, watching movies should not be merely about entertainment. Knowing we are made in the image of God, knowing creativity and art are part of his design for our lives, knowing the power that art and story have in the human heart should shape the way we watch movies. Especially for

8 Reasons Theology Should Make People Humble, Not Proud

The words “theology” and “doctrine” can make people today cringe. They bring up associations of arrogance and pride, of theological divisions that cause disharmony within the church, of “ingrow-ness” and arguments that mean little to those outside the church. In general there is a distrust that theology can actually make people more humble and more

What We Can Learn From Bikini-Clad Women

At this moment, you’re doing one of a couple things. Option A is that your blood has begun to rush to your face, and you’re moving towards something between enraged and mildly offended. Option B is that you’re laughing. Either way, I think I probably have your attention at this point. I work with students.