December, 2008

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Monthly Archives: December 2008

Weekly Roundup

Bush’s Reading ListDo you read as many books a year as one of the busiest men on the planet? Sort of convicting, but also inspiring. Atheist: “Africa needs God”“In Africa Christianity changes people’s hearts. It brings a spiritual transformation. The rebirth is real. The change is good.” 2008 in PicturesIncredible. Gospel Reminders Here is another

Everything I think about Heaven I got from C. S. Lewis

Heaven can be a neglected hope in the Christian heart, but I think this is just due to a failure of imagination. If we do not long for Heaven, then it may be that we do not understand what it is. C. S. Lewis helps here. So often I have felt a longing for Heaven

A Dollar For A Drink

This is a tough time to talk about money. Our economy has officially been declared “in recession.” Unemployment is at a recent high. The stock market continues to be highly volatile, and many have lost thousands, or often hundreds of thousands, of dollars in the past months. So, at some level, this is not a

Abortion and the Incoming Administration

As the presidential transition approaches, the potential impact of the incoming Obama administration on abortion and other life/reproductive issues is pushing its way into the nation’s attention and discussion. While the specific steps the president-elect will take remain to be seen, the Wall St. Journal recently reported on several of the possibilities: The outgoing Bush

Illinois Governor, Presidential Pardons, and Biblical Forgiveness

If you have come to The Crossing for a while, you may have heard Shay or Lynn share the tragic story of their friends Scott and Janet Willis. In yesterday’s Chicago Tribune well-known columnist, John Kass, interviewed the Willis’ in light of the presidential pardon being sought by former Illinois Governor George Ryan. Rarely would

What Jonathan Edwards would say about the modern American Christian

Over this past weekend I read an interesting book entitled, “The God-centered Life” by Josh Moody. Josh earned his PhD from Cambridge and is now a pastor at Trinity Baptist Church in New Haven, Connecticut, where he ministers to the Yale community and surrounding areas in New England. In completing his PhD, Josh did his

Weekly Roundup (Snow Day Special)

Looking for some quality content to digest while stuck inside today? We thought so. Here is a roundup of a few worthwhile links from around the web. Enjoy and stay warm. Time. Redeemed.CJ Mahaney points us to what RC Sproul has to say about time management. List of ListsHere is an (overwhelming) collection of top-10